Electrical Systems

Electrical service in the building is distributed at 347/600V 3 phase 4 wire. Vertical bus duct risers at 347/600V run the entire height of the building through the stacked electrical closets. Base building ground bus is provided in electrical and communication rooms. The Tenant is able to connect to this bus for their grounding needs.

If you have sensitive electronic equipment, we recommend that you invest in a high quality electrical protection device such as an uninterruptible power source (UPS).

Additional electrical outlets are available and can be installed in Tenant space for a fee. Please contact Building Management to arrange this service.


True North Square is equipped with efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • BGO makes every effort to provide Tenants with an even, comfortable working environment. If you require adjustments to the temperature of your working area, please contact ClikFIX.

Light Bulb Replacement

Please contact ClikFIX and allow 24-hours to have light bulbs replaced.

Our staff are able to perform repairs and maintenance to non-standard fixtures where necessary. However, the cost of labour and materials are a Tenant responsibility, and will be invoiced back accordingly.

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