Elevators - Building & Freight


Elevator service is available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Elevators use destination dispatch optimization to reduce wait and travel times by providing users with directed elevator access to the most appropriate elevator for their floor selection. To avoid creating unnecessary stops or delays for passengers, each user must select their destination at the touch screen located in the elevator lobby.

Elevator use after hours requires your assigned security access card.

If an elevator fails to work properly, please note which elevator cab is affected and contact ClikFIX. If you are detained inside an elevator cab due to malfunction, remain calm. Use the alarm button inside the elevator for assistance. All elevators are equipped with fail-safe mechanisms that prevent free-fall and the cabs are naturally ventilated. In the event of passenger entrapment, building staff will make every effort to release you from the elevator as quickly as possible. However, due to safety regulations, they may be limited in the assistance they can provide. Our elevator maintenance company will be dispatched immediately to correct the problem.


  • Please be advised the large freight elevator travels from P1 to level 3. The capacity of the large freight elevator is 8000 lbs.
  • The elevator must be padded and fully protected when transporting equipment or furnishings.
  • The office freight elevator travels from P2 to level 17. The capacity of the office freight elevator is 3500 lbs.
  • Please contact BentallGreenOak to arrange for use of the freight elevator.


The service elevator (F), accessible from the Loading Dock, has a maximum load rating of 4000lbs. The dimension for the opening of the elevator is 45” wide X 82” height. The elevator cab dimensions are 78” wide X 66” deep X 96” height. With the protection in place, these dimensions are reduced by approximately 3 inches wall to wall. The height is closer to approximately 88 inches floor to ceiling, although you can still place 8 foot items in at an angle.